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Agent Review, Rating and Public Talk


 Agent Review, Rating and Public Talk

Ratings:2.5/5 Site: 123telugu  Visit Site For more

On the whole, Akhil starrer Agent is a mediocre spy thriller. Akhil’s performance and a few action sequences are a boon to the film. The poor screenplay in the second half, some over-the-top scenes, and a silly climax portion make one feel boredom. If you are an action-movie lover, you can give this film a watch this weekend.

Ratings:2/5 Site: Great Andhra  Visit Site For more

All in all, “Agent,” in an attempt to present it as a wild and wacky spy thriller, turns out to be messy. The departments of writing, direction, songs, and editing have competed with each other in dishing out boring output. 

Ratings:1.75/5 Site:Mirchi9  Visit Site For more

Overall, Agent is a misfire from Surender Reddy—lacking conviction and glaring shortcomings in providing fun and action, shows. Agent is a wild ride indeed, but a tiring and exhausting one leaving one with all sorts of aches.


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