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Virupaksha Telugu Movie Review, Rating and Public Talk


Virupaksha Telugu Movie Review, Rating and Public Talk

Virupaksha Telugu Movie Story

Set in the backdrop of the 1990s, the story takes place in a village named Rudravanam. Surya (Sai Dharam Tej), along with his mother, visit their village after a long time. He instantly falls in love with Nandini (Samyukta Menon), a village belle and daughter of Rudravanam’s sarpanch. Suddenly a series of mysterious events happen in the village, and people keep dying one after the other. What’s actually happening in Rudravanam? What’s the reason behind the continuous deaths? How did Surya unravel the mystery? The movie has the answers.

Ratings: 2.75/5 Site: Great Andhra

On the whole, "Virupaksha" is a mystic thriller that stays true to its genre, and the narration captures our attention for the most part. Despite some flaws, such as dragged-out scenes at the end and a mediocre romantic score, the film is worth a watch. It is heavily reliant on technical output, which has greatly aided the film.

Ratings: 3/5 Site: TeluguCinema

“Virupaksha” is a well-crafted period horror drama. The film makes an engaging watch to the most part. The setting make it stand out from the crowd of standard thrillers, despite a few problems.

Ratings: 3.25/5 Site: 123Telugu

On the whole, Virupaksha is an engaging mystical thriller that is high on technical values. A good storyline, commendable performances by the actors, pulse-pounding sound effects, and neat direction are its trump cards. Barring the slightly slow second half, this movie very much deserves a theatrical experience for its incredible technical values. Recommended.

Ratings: 3.25/5 Site: Mirchi9

Overall, Virupaksha is a genre flick that sticks to the genre out and out. It is commendable as it features a known hero. However, it relies heavily on the technical work to pull through more than twists and thrills, which is decent. If you like thrillers with a mix of mysticism and horror elements, Virupaksha is a neat one-time watch for the weekend. 

Ratings: 3.25/5 Site: Telugu360

Virupaksha is an impressive spooky film worth watching on BIG SCREEN. This kind of originality in the story is not seen often in Telugu. The script and technical department’s prowess make this film a success. Go and Watch it

About Virupaksha
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Samyuktha, Sunil, Brahmaji, Ajay, Abhinav Gomatam, Sai Chand, and others
Screenplay: Sukumar
Dialogue: Krishna Hari
DOP: Shamdat Sainudeen
Music: B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Editor: Navin Nooli
Production Designer: Sri Nagendra Tangala
Creative Producer: Satish BKR
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Story and Directed by: Karthik Dandu
Release Date: April 21, 2023


Q1. What is the name of Sai Dharam Tej's new film?

A1. The name of Sai Dharam Tej's new film is "Virupaksha". 

Q2. When is Sai Dharam Tej's "Virupaksha" releasing?

A2. Sai Dharam Tej's "Virupaksha" is releasing on April 21.

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